At JTA we provide the means for you to complete your own fire risk assessment (FRA) online. From our experience visiting hundreds of businesses across the UK we have developed an online application that will enable you to complete the right FRA for your business. Complete your self assessment in less than an hour with our online application.

•FRA application is easy to use and understand

•Question by question support

•Assessment is verified by us - giving you peace of mind

•Securely saved - complete FRA in as many sessions as you need

•We provide your tailored action plan

•Fixed fee of £95 per FRA

•FRA to industry standard PAS79 2012

•Working hours telephone support included

•Typically completed within an hour

•Cost effective solution

Our online fire risk assessment application is PAS79 (2012) compliant – the recognised industry standard

Fire risk assessments

Not all buildings can be fire risk self-assessed. Buildings such as schools, hotels, pubs, hospitals or large and complex buildings can only obtain an FRA following an inspection by a qualified fire risk assessor. JTA have comprehensive experience of undertaking such assessments. If you are the manager or owner of such premises, then please contact us using the tab above or by phoning 01494 355 925 for a quotation today. We guarantee an immediate response and can normally visit within 7 days. For more information about fire risk assessment and the law please read more here.

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FRA and legal requirements

The Fire Safety Order 2005 came in to effect in October 2006. The order applies to all buildings excluding private residential dwellings. All businesses and landlords need to produce one. The FRA will seek to reduce the risk of fire – it will assess what equipment is there to fight a fire and make recommendations on improvements. It’s all about reducing the risk. All businesses need to produce one. Firms of more than 4 staff need a written FRA. Whilst smaller firms do not need a written FRA, it is recommended that one is produced in order to prove an FRA has been conducted.

So what exactly is a Fire Risk Assessment?

The national standard for Fire Risk Assessments – PAS79 – making it user friendly

When the Fire Safety Order was passed it was decided by the fire industry to give guidance on how best to achieve a suitable and sufficient FRA. This was done using a Publicly Available Specification – a document that standardizes a process. PAS79 was written for this purpose by the British Standards Institute. The result is a 5–step process – endorsed by the Fire and Rescue Service itself.

The 5 steps of fire risk assessment:

•Identify the hazards

•Identify the people at risk

•Evaluate, remove, reduce and protect from risk

•Record, plan, instruct, inform and train


Under the Fire Safety Order 2005, if you are in control of any part of commercial premises, you are under an obligation to carry out a detailed fire risk assessment to identify risks and hazards in the premises. You are under similiar obligation if you manage or own residential dwellings that have communal areas.

Under the Housing Act 2004 those that own or manage a house in multiple occupation (HMO) or rented flats will also need to produce a fire risk assessment.

A fire risk assessment is essential in keeping your premises safe for everyone. You must keep a written record of your fire risk assessment if your business has five or more people. We recommend all business have one – no matter how small.

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Retail & Offices

Shops and offices where each storey is less than 280m2 and no more than three storeys in total (of the business demise) with up to 20 staff. Typically this will mean any high street retailer or office such an estate agents, solicitors or accountants office.

Purpose built premises in a multi-occupied office block that have shared escape routes (communal areas).

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Light Industrial

Industrial Estate Retail and Fabrication (joinery shops, light assembly works).

Industrial estate business units with or without retail areas up to 5000 square metres.

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Blocks of Flats

Purpose built blocks of flats of no more than five storeys (ground plus four floors, or basement, ground and three floors) with no more than two communal stairwells.

The block will have a communal area for means of escape.

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Places of Assembly

Small and medium places of assembly for up to 300 people - village halls, community centres, chapels and small churches (but not pubs or restaurants)

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Take Away Restaurants

Typical high street takeaway or fast food restaurants with limited seating if any – typically burger, chicken, pizza and kebab takeaways. We stress these are takeaway businesses with no formal seating arrangements or waitering service.

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Restaurants & Pubs

As these premises by their nature have additional hazards we recommend that we visit to undertake the fire risk assessment. Additional considerations are sleeping accommodation above pubs and basement dining areas. The guidance here can be difficult to interpret. We have much experience in this area - call now for initial free consultation

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Larger Buildings

Blocks of more than 5 storeys may require an experienced assessor depending on the complexity of the building. Call for initial free consultation.

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Courses on fire safety training are very important. Our training courses enable and empower delegates to:

•Have a clear understanding of fire evacuation procedures

•Understand the importance of fire safety training

•Assist with fire safety and fire prevention within your organisation and raise the awareness to others

•Promote the correct choice and use of fire extinguishers

•Describe the emergency evacuation procedures in the event of a fire or other emergency

After completing our courses, all delegates will be issued with a certificate confirming that they have successfully completed a Fire Marshal Training course. The certificate is valid for 3 years.

All of our training courses are run by fire safety professionals, with years of experience in the fire brigade.

We can deliver fire marshal training on-site at your location.

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