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Create fire risk self assessment from £95.00

Whilst providing all the benefits of our expertise, but in order to keep your costs low, we offer a remote FRA service to help you meet fire legislation. Using our step-by-step guide, in conjunction with our web portal, you can complete one of our comprehensive FRA forms. Once complete, we will verify your assessment and provide you a tailored action plan and risk rating. From £95.00 per 1 FRA credit.

Book a fire risk assessment

For larger properties, school and hospitals, or if you simply prefer one of our consultants to undertake the FRA on your behalf, you can commission a visit and we will come to you and undertake the assessment. Whilst this service costs more, we are still very competitive. From £195.00


We offer a comprehensive range of courses run by fire safety professionals with years of experience, to help support the fire safety requirements of your business. A list of our courses can be found here, and to find out more about prices and availability, please contact us.

Free Guides

We also offer a range of free guides to help you understand the background to Fire Risk Assessment, and to understand the FRA process.

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Available free downloads


A guide to technical terms and words.

Selecting the right fire alarm

Extract from the British Standards Institute on fire alarms for non-domestic premises.

FRA Samples

A selection of FRAs from real properties.

Fire Signs

A selection of useful fire signs for your business.

Fire safety for property converted to flats

Guidance for properties converted into flats and HMOs.

Business Continuity Software

Free business continuity and incident management software download.

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